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Same as the Basic RiderCourse 2, but with a passenger, on your own motorcycle. The course is designed for the rider who rides “two up” occasionally or all the time. This is excellent way for the driver to practice safety techniques with a passenger aboard. Your passenger will feel more comfortable on the road after this class because she/he will know what you’re doing and why. The the very first exercise is done solo and the passenger will ride on all remaining exercises. It’s a 5 hour course. Click Schedule & Register to see current pricing. No test for the passenger. It is in conjunction with the Experienced classes, just sign yourself up and bring a passenger. Your passenger must have all the required safety gear.

Student Requirements

All riders MUST provide their own safe, street-legal motorcycle with current registration and proof of insurance.

Each student MUST provide and wear the following required safety gear:

  • D.O.T. approved helmet
  • Eye protection (glasses or face shield)
  • Full-fingered gloves
  • Long-sleeve shirt or jacket
  • Over-the-ankle boots (with low heels)
  • Long pants (jeans with no holes or tears, sturdy material recommended)