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Video: Welcome to the Ride

This 5-minute video introduces the many diverse aspects of street motorcycling.
Welcome to the club...welcome to the passion...welcome to the ride!

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Video: Basic Rider Course Highlights

This 5-minute video is a capsule summary of what you'll experience in our hands-on, 15 hour, Basic RiderCourse training program.

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Video: Group Riding

This 12-minute edit of the video in the MSF Guide to Group Riding Kit explains riding formations, pre-ride meetings, hand signals, and more.

These helpful documents are provided by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. The MSF Ride Handbooks are non-printable. All documents are copyrighted MSF property and are freely offered to as resources to spread rider safety and education to current and future riders as well as the general public. To see the entire MSF library click here.
PDF Should You Ride a Motorcycle  
PDF 2012 RiderCourse Incentives  
PDF If You Ride a Motorcycle  
PDF T-CLOCS Pre-Ride Inspection List  
PDF QUICK TIPS: Ten Things All Car & Truck Drivers Should Know about Motorcycles  
PDF Riding with a Passenger  
PDF Group Riding  
PDF Alcohol Awareness  
PDF Preventing Motorcycle Theft  
PDF BRC Handbook 2011 (non-printable)  
PDF BRC Handbook Spanish (non-printable)